The Instapot food Instantly


As always no affiliation, no product links, no BS. Just my own personal opinion.

I am terrified of pressure cookers. Well not really anymore, but I do have a healthy respect for them. The instapot is a pressure cooker. So if you have one, or you plan to get one READ ALL THE THINGS!!!

In my strive to eat healthy all of the days of the week the instapot, and all of its accessories now reside in their own personal cabinet. I was simply amazed when I cooked a frozen whole chicken in 1 1/5. I was delighted to cook three racks of ribs in 45 minutes and they fell off the bones.

Take out has been virtually eliminated in our house. Not only is it fast, but the flavors and juices are wonderful. Meat is tender, veggies delightful, and cleanup is pretty quick too.

There have been injuries. Please take careful precautions, and don’t buy off brands.

Happy cooking!


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