The Epidemic of Silence

Silence is golden. It isn’t polite to discuss religion. It’s inappropriate to talk politics. The cliches’ of generations, and the timeless etiquettes have all come to the proverbial fork in the road.

Sure, it’s still good manners to not discuss certain sensitive subjects in some situations. Of course, it’s better to listen well, and to be silent in some situations. However, it is situational.

The problem is that we confuse silence with being complacent. In today’s world of social media we have grown more afraid of offending others. So afraid that we allow them to silence us. When we are silent, they become louder.

Right now there are marches, protests, women wearing pink vagina hats, yelling and chanting. They are loud, filled with a purpose, and probably really cold. They do not speak for all women. Actually, it’s embarrassing. But you wouldn’t know that they are not representing all women because of the silence.

It’s the same with a lot of current issues. It seems to be an epidemic. I know a Trump supporter who will not say that she is a supporter. The last time that she did she was verbally attacked. Socially bullied.

I’ve seen instances when one group becomes so loud about their rights, that the rights of others are denied. This happens because of silence.

Small groups seem like the majority group because they are loudest. It’s a bully mentality. The silent group becomes the quiet child in a school yard. Which child gets the attention?

It’s time that the quiet, peace keepers, meek and bullied speak out.


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