Finding the Right Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

Disclaimer: I have a background in nutrition and I’ve been a health coach for 11 years. This article is based on my experience both with clients and personal. It is in no way meant to discredit any healthy eating program.

It can be overwhelming with so many different diets, programs, health gurus, and books to choose from. When I say that I personally have tried most of them it’s no understatement. The first thing that you should be aware of is that YOU are being marketed to. The next thing is that most diets, books, programs, gurus are spinning off of each other. It always breaks down to calories in calories out. Yes, even with keto. While the emphasis is on carbs and fats you still have to watch your calories.

So let’s begin with Keto. The general consensus is that you will cut carbs, add healthy fats and flip the switch to burning fat for energy. In the beginning you will lose weight. You will have better focus. You will have more energy. Your cholesterol may rise in the beginning but should adjust as you lose weight. You will need to adjust your calorie intake as you lose weight. I recommend carb manager. So what’s wrong with Keto? It’s not for everyone. If you don’t have a gallbladder you probably she consider something low fat. It’s not sustainable which usually means that you may regain some weight. It’s lacking in healthy grains and fruit. Supplements are recommended.

Weight Watchers known now as just WW. WW has been around for as long as I’ve been around. The program has changed a few times but the basics are still the same. You are given daily points based on your current weight and activity level. The new freestyle program has many zero point foods. Mostly fruits and vegetables. Yum! They are considered free because most people won’t overeat fruit or vegetables and they are nutrional. Calories still count aka points. It’s still about calories in calories out. The majority of people drop weight slowly and it can be a sustainable lifestyle. They offer support. The monthly price is high around $20 each month. If you enjoy junk food you will learn how to make lower calories substitutions. Exercise will help with your weight loss.

Paleo in my opinion is the toughest lifestyle change. My own physician does Paleo. Known as the caveman diet which can lead to significant weight loss. It can be tough if you lead a busy active life. The majority of the meals should be prepared at home. Meal prep in my opinion would be very useful. The basics of the program would be eggs, fish, meat, nuts seeds and fruits. Also permitted are healthy fats, spices and herbs. Once you become used to eating the paleo way it should become easier to manage day to day.

Interminent Fasting most of us fast during sleeping hours 7-9 hours. With IF we are extending the fasting times to include awake hours. Most people find the 12 hour fast with a 12 hour feeding window to be the most accommodating. An example of that would be fasting from 7 p.m. to 7 am. Another would be 16/8 which is optimal for weight loss. An example would be 7pm until 11am fasting. This not only cuts calories but forces your body to use its own fat stores for energy. It’s probably not sustainable but can help especially when you combining it with another healthy eating program.

The Direct Selling Companies Lets just lump them all into one. From supplements, shakes, keto coffee to creams, lotions, and bands. They are all basically crap. Save yourself time and money. Calories in calories out. Next time someone suggests one of these products ask yourself, “if it really worked wouldnt everyone be thin and lean?”.

Prepackaged meal replacements. They are just tools that are focused on weightloss. I did one if these programs in 2007 and within 10 months I dropped 150lbs. I was able to sustain the loss for 8 years. It was one if the few programs that offered a healthy lifestyle focus. The meal replacements helps to keep my mind off of food. If that sounds great to you send me a message. The con to doing something like this us while most meal replacements are healthy they are also processed.

Those are just a few if the options that are available. There are other options that you can speak to your physician about.

I think the majority of us tend to over think things, and become lost in the marketing. The weight loss industry is a huge business. To simplify things we need to learn to accept and love ourselves first. Changing our diets to clean eating is really pretty simplistic. Watch your calories, shop the outter isles, move your body.


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