50 Affordable Cool Gifts for Men

Frustration comes to mind every time I think about finding that perfect gift for the men in my family. ….And they think WE are complicated :::insert eyeroll:: hopefully this will help you to feel less frustrated. I’ve purchased several of these and those that I haven’t I recommend.

  1. Trail Game Camera My son in law had one set up in his back yard. It’s really interesting seeing the animals that come through.
  2. Black Diamond Headlamp
  3. Folding key knife
  4. Echo Dot This has been the best purchase as well as very entertaining.
  5. Smart Plugs Very smart idea!
  6. Mpow Flame Headset I just purchased a set for myself and love them so,much that another set is on the way.
  7. Complete Grooming and Beard Set
  8. Coleman Screened Canopy
  9. Coleman Dome Tent We stayed in,one of these and it was pretty nice!
  10. Cool Water Cologne Who doesn’t love cool water.
  11. Emergency Survival Kit
  12. Idea Ship
  13. Waterproof Portable Charger
  14. Dry Cool Hiking Socks
  15. Hiking Chair
  16. Hiking Walking Poles
  17. Emergency Kit
  18. Yeti Cup The best cup but the handle below is a must.
  19. Yeti Cup Handle
  20. Coin Sorter
  21. Waterproof Smart Watch
  22. The Coffeeboxxx This has been worth every dime!
  23. Jobsite Speaker
  24. Klein Speaker Perfect gift for my son last year.
  25. Hunting Ring if I knew a hunter they Woukd get this.
  26. Sketchers Go Walk most comfortable shoes ever.
  27. Kindle Paperwhite Ideal for the older guys in your life.
  28. Kindle Fire love mine, I’m typing on it right now.
  29. Portable Cornhole
  30. Ring Toss
  31. Horse Shoes still a fun thing to do at all of our cookouts
  32. Fishing Net
  33. Fishing Accessory Kit
  34. Double Quilted Hammock
  35. Wise Owl Tree Hammock I know a fellow who loves his. Super handy.
  36. Braun Electric Shaver
  37. Vintage Leather Style Briefcase perfect for those non city slicker types.
  38. Cedar Grilling Planks
  39. Ultimate Smoker Set
  40. Dry Glaze Grilling Set
  41. Front Pocket Slim Wallet
  42. Nice Golf Set
  43. Rock Dove Memory Foam Slipper I wish these cane in pink.
  44. Diaper Backpack for Adventures
  45. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  46. Rich Dads Guide to Investing
  47. Monocular Telescope
  48. Magnetic Wrist Band a really handy accessory
  49. Universal Socket Wrench
  50. Best Dad Ever Shirt

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