Every thing I know about weightloss PT 1

I’ve been coaching for 11 plus years. I’ve had weight-losses and gains of my own. I have personally tried nearly all weightloss programs, and I’m certified in nutrition and coaching. However, I am not currently coaching and I may not return to it. Here is why.

My own struggles have prompted me to ask “why isn’t this working” at various stages of my life. Helping others drove me to find solutions. However, you can’t unknow once you know something. It doesn’t simply just go away.

Here is what I know and what you can do to push forward .

Diets do not work for the long-term. Sure you can do a cleanse and drop some fluid while messing up your gut flora, or you can eat prepackaged foods while creating havoc with your health, or perhaps you decide to follow a trend and buy into the marketing of the latest new supplement.

We all have that one friend who swears that they are selling the next best thing. In our world today everything is marketing. From the placement of food items on the store shelves, the ads in magazines that are being endorsed by famous people, to the new diet pill that your Dr prescribed. Its all BS. All of it! Its time to take your power back.

Whatever it is that you believe in I want you to take a few minutes and just read with an open mind.

Having a healthy body and living at your best is as simple as deciding to do it, along with making the correct choices.

Everything that you do begins with a choice. There are always two choices. Always! Just knowing that you have two choices gives you back control. Pretty simple right?

Now its time to decide what it is that you need in your life. This gives you back power. Example

I want pizza in my life. So let’s say that I go on a restrictive diet, I lose weight, I succumb to wanting pizza, I regain some weight. That causes stress, takes away power and then I lose control. Sound about right? So now lets change that.

I decide that I want pizza in my life. I eat whole nutritious foods 6 days a week. On date night I enjoy pizza in moderation. I choose to not have toppings, just cheese. I begin to see a drop in weight. I never see a gain because I’m in control.

How easy is that?

So now let’s talk about an unrealistic weight loss goal. At each significant drop your body will require less calories to continue to lose or maintain. Portion sizes and moving your body become very important but the choice is yours. You must ask yourself the hard questions. At this point you need to think about what you want your life to look like.


I hate exersizing but I enjoy a walk. I can see walking as a daily commitment. I like having eggs but I can’t see just eating one egg so i ‘ll have two. For dinner I always do lean and green. I dont need a potatoe, or white rice. Because I made that easy simple choice dinners are not stressful. My choice, my power. I make the choices and my body will respond. I accept that I’ll be healthy, fit, and happy.

Calories. Yes it really is just about calories. Calories in calories out. Knowing that gives you power over all the BS. You get to decide how you want to spend your calories. Choices.


I love bread but its not so important that I have to have bread with high calories so instead I’ll spend 35 of my calories on 35 calorie bread instead of 120 calorie bread.

Its no longer about a number on the scale. Its about you, your choices, and taking back the power. Once you do that life will be a much happier place.


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