Making Sense out of Subscription Boxes.

There are so many subscription box services. Many are offered by startups, stay at home folks, and existing companies that want a bite out of the subscription game. After all, who wouldnt!

Even Amazon has subscription boxes. One company will send you a monthly box for 10 bucks plus shipping. Each month you pay someone to send you samples. Seriously, you are paying them to try products. How does that even happen!!! Send me samples for FREE.

There are boxes for all sorts of niches. From samples to clothing. There’s a wine subscription box folks, wine!! It’s one of the few that I found that actually made sense. Others that made sense, and were cost effective are the shave boxes. They are cost effective and they solve a problem.

Other subscription boxes mostly fall under the over priced vanity category. One in particular ships everything three months with promises of higher end products. Some of the ugliest hand bags I’ve ever seen. Yes, in person.

How many of you now have a drawer full of unused make up brushes? Money wasted.

So here’s the thing…Im not saying don’t buy into the subscription box frenzy, but I am saying to use common sense. Ask yourself

  • Is it cost effective?
  • Will it solve a problem?
  • Do I really need it?
  • Will I need more of it each month?

The right subscription box can make an excellent gift. If you pay for the year, and the reciever doesn’t get stuck with an ongoing subscription.

Another excellent subscription box sends activities for children, just make sure that they are cost effective too. Sometimes time is money, but most time, children just want your time.


Why I don’t “like” your facebook post.

Simply put, it makes me feel cheap, un-authentic, and a fake. I don’t feel connected, and I don’t want to encourage more boring or annoying posts.

Facebook is a social tool. I look for and like posts that are relatable to me. I use to scroll and like without giving it much thought. I auto liked because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Especially in the photography world where likes are expected. Now I scroll and reflect.

When I do find a post that I like, makes me laugh, or resignates with me in another way I’ll just leave a comment.

Now I feel more connected. Try it!

Simply Lynns Slow Roasted Pot Roast

This really needs to be slow cooked in a crock pot, not instapot, for optimal everything.



Onion soup mix

Minced garlic

Beef powdered bouillon

Corn starch



Place roast in crock pot with 6 cups of water. Add carrots. Make sure the water reaches the carrots. Cook on high for two hours.


Add parsley and Garlic

Slow cook on low 4 hours or until it’s fork tender.

Then remove two cups of broth and set aside.

Add garlic, onion soup mix, beef boullion.

Mix corn starch with broth until it begins to thicken. Return it to the roast and allow it to slow cook another hour.

I’ve been making this for so long that I no longer measure. It’s ok, you’ve got this, don’t be stingy with the spices.

Hallmark Holidays

I really dislike Hallmark Holidays. For years we have been conditioned to think that once a year, in celebration of love, we need cards to say the things that we should say everyday, or candy, flowers, or jewelry to show undying love.

It’s not just about the cheesiness of it, but also about the manipulation of it. We are constantly being manipulated into thinking that we need to do, say, or feel a certain way.

Just sit with that awhile. The realization that you are, or have been played for years should be enough to provoke a few palm head slaps. 🤦

You have choices. Sure picking up a card, or flowers is the easy way out, but is it really what your love wants?

Note: As I’m typing this my 8 year old grand daughter entered the room wanting to know if I got her a valentines gift. And so begins a new generation of hallmark holidays 🤦

Finding Joy in Homemaking

Homemaking use to be a way of living. Women took pride in their homemaking skills, and hosted dinner parties, garden parties, afternoon teas. They were not always as happy as they appeared, but it was not acceptable to express unhappiness, or complain so they also enjoyed the occasional afternoon alcoholic beverage.

In the 70s with more women heading to work, the need to balance it all and bring home the bacon became even more stressful. The art of homemaking fell away.

Fast forward to the Pinterest era.

Suddenly homemaking becomes fun again. From diy gardening inspiration to recipes for triple layer cakes the Pinterest movement has revived the joy in making a home feel like a home.

There are other differences in homemaking today. It’s no longer something with rules, or strict schedules. It’s fun, it brings joy, there’s a sense of accomplishment, and when we share the tasks with others, it promotes bonding.

So fluff the pillows, rearrange the furniture , line your cabinets. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, it took me a lot of years to unlearn that.

Accidental Food Blogger

Even though I have a background in nutrition, I didn’t set out to blog about food. It just seems to be happening that way at the moment. Probably because I am in a creative mode, searching for healthier alternatives, and pretty annoyed with crappy recipes.

This too shall pass as soon as fresh fruit and veggies become, well fresher and more abundant. Well not completely, after all there are amazing possibilities for fresh foods.

Last summer I was introduced to bright line eating. It felt good, wholesome, but it lacked grains. We need grains for heart health. Currently I haven’t had any sugar since November 2018. Only recently reintroduced heart healthy whole grains, and today a gluten free flour. Dairy has been minimal, with the exception of half n half, grass fed butter, and Greek yogurt.

So what’s left to eat? Real food!!! Crazy right? Anddddd that’s how I ended up here, blogging about food, on a blog intended for witty musings, and opinionated feedback.

For now I’ll just keep sharing my experiments, I mean..creations.

Why Yes, another Pizza!

Because it’s Friday. I think it’s national pizza day too, but who needs a holiday to eat pizza!

This one is a protein bomb, reasonable carbs, and healthier topping choices.

Weight Watchers approved

Gluten free

Two ingredient dough

1 cup of flour self rising

1 cup of Greek yogurt

My tweek

2 cups of Gluten free flour

2 cups of Greek yogurt

3 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

Two tablespoons garlic powder

Combine all dry ingredients, then add yogurt. Mix well, then kneed until it forms a nice ball. Roll out between two pieces of parchment paper.

Transfer to a pizza pan. I use a cast iron pan.

Bake at 425 until nearly done. Remove from the oven, add toppings. I used ragu sugar free sauce, 98% fat free deli ham, red onion, skim mozzerella.

Return to the oven to finish cooking.

The Best Salad Ever!

Yes, it really is. Simply made, and full of goodness. Chopping is the key to this yummy power bowl. I like to purchase a spring mix that has a bit of all the different greens. I chop them up into small bits. Then I do the same with all of the other ingredients. I enjoy cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and feta cheese, but you can add whatever you like, just remember to chop chop chop.

Bolthouse has a great dressing selection, but this is delish with a nice vinaigrette.

This is served as a main course for us.

Low carb snacky afternoon

Every day I need a pick me up. Hot tea and a pack of nuts is a nice combination. Other days I might have a choczero, or a fat bomb. It just takes a little something, a cup of hot tea, and a few moments of solitude.

Babybell cheese is also a great option. Prior to switching to keto I would include red grapes with that. I love fresh whole food and really miss having many of those options. I sure hope grapes are paleo approved because paleo is my end game.

Health for life.