Product Reviews for Beauty Products

After 5 months of testing various products here are my reviews. Disclaimer:These reviews are based on my own opinion and are not influenced by sponsorship, affiliate links, or payments. I will include a couple of refferral links.

Let’s begin with the most important cosmetic you should own. Face primer!

They are packaged exactly the same but theres a huge difference. Huge! Milani was purchased at Walmart. Price around $8.00. The feel, smell, and texture reminds me of Elmer’s glue. Enough said.

Face primer by Elizabeth Mott. I purchased it here and the price was around $15.00. It feels soft and silky on. It actually felt that way all day. Hands down the best primer I’ve ever worn. You definitely will thank me later.

Next up the mascaras. If you have awesome lashes but want a quick bit of length my old favorite is the “better than sex mascara”. Purshased at ulta. However I wanted to plump up my lashes. Fiber lashes flake, and leave residue on your cheeks, other mascaras are way over priced, and frankly I just wanted normal lashes. Finding a regular mascara that woukd just enhance was difficult. After a few fails I finally settled on a lash primer and a regular mascara. Tried them and love them. Loreal lash primer and maybelline like Full and Soft mascara. Simply, classic, and affordable.

While we are on eyes I’ve noticed that my eyelids have darkened with age. So I wanted an eye shadow that would give me that awake, fresh and bright look. It needed to stay all day, not look overly done, and be fast and easily applied. The winner is Thrive eye shadow sticks. I will continue to look for a less shimmery one but the gold is my go to. I also like the pink. They glide on, stay all day, and they did help with the fresh bright look that I wanted. $20.00 each.

While I was purchasing the eye shadow sticks I decided to give the blush a try. At first glance it looked promising and the other end of the blush stick contained a blending brush. Even with the handy brush it didn’t blend. It just kind of laid on top of my bb cream. It didnt look natural and it was shimmery. This blush hits the trash can. $36.00 ouch

Lips! I have a lot of lipsticks, what girl doesn’t right? All in different shades of pink. Last year I tried lip sense.. The color was amazing and it stayed all day but it burned. It burned so badly and it wouldn’t come off. So I’ve returned to my old favorite which is still a great everyday lipstick. I picked this one up at Walgreens. Maybelline 14 hr. It does stay on all day but it’s doesn’t always look fresh. I’m good with that because theres still color.

Face moisturizer. Did you know that oil doesnt moisturize? Not on your hair or your skin. It may feel like it does but thats just the oil that you feel. This has. I have tried moisturizers from many of the DS companies as well as top rated moisturizers. been my favorite for a couple of years. I haven’t found another one that tops it.

This spring and summer I embarked on a hair journey. I wanted the embrace my natural curls. That meant products, and lots of them. first up the highly recommended Quidad. next to it Aussie curl refresher. Quidad was expensive so my expectations were high. Sorry quidad but you aren’t any different than a regular gel. Gel by the way doesn’t feel great on your hair, and I did not find anything moisturizing about it. Aussie curl refresher was more of a setting spray. It did zero refreshing, instead it set my mesmessy hair in place. 👎

OGX coconut curls decadent creamy mousse on the other hand is wonderful. Soft bouncy curls. It’s a keeper.

Foam rollers are a great no heat alternative to big bouncy curls. I found this set on Amazon. Just mist hair, roll and twist. Yes there’s a wait time. I tried sleeping in mine, that’s not happening again

We have all seen the videos! Lange’ has been heavily marketed on social media so I wanted to know what all the hype was about. My end result, it was nothing but hype. Rival Heat Shield smells awful. I don’t know if it actually protects but I can’t stand the smell. The flat iron and the iron brush are not any better than the lower end products. Dear Lange, I would really love a refund 👎

That’s all for now. I’ll be posting a general product blog soon.