Why everyone should become a photographer

But not everyone has what it takes to be a professional photographer.

Every single person should experience photography. It can change your perspectives. But first you need to learn how to see. When you look at objects through a lens they suddenly become less scary, more beautiful.

After exploring the world of macro photography I no longer think, “ack, a spider”, instead I think, ” I wonder how many eyes she has”. Instead of shooting just a sunset, I wait for the brilliant colors after it sets.

My appreciation for a dew drop glistening in the sun while balanced on a petal has changed the way I view mornings.

Everyone should embrace photography, but just because your photos are good doesnt mean that you are a professional photographer.

A professional photographer takes classes, attends workshops, knows the differences to the rule of thirds and not just what the M means but also how to use it to create awe inspiring photos.

There are different types of professional photographers. Some shoot landscapes, are published, earn a nice income to cover the cost of gear. If that’s even possible haha.

Others shoot newborns, or weddings. Let me say that the best wedding photographers that I know, only shoot weddings. They are experts in all things wedding. They work hard, are physically fit because weddings can be physically demanding, and they have help. They see things through the lens that other photographers don’t.

The same holds true for sports photographers. They know the sport, they know what to look for, they see things from a different perspective. They know where the ball is going.

All people should embrace hobby photography, It’s fun, it’s addicting, it can be incredibly relaxing.

Happy shooting


Staycation in Virginia

This year we decided to forego our annual trip and do a staycation instead. As with most things there are pros and cons, but overall it was a very nice experience. Between eating at all the places, and doing all the local things we were pretty exhausted.

We re-discovered the beauty of where we live, which is pretty close to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We drove the Parkway, stopped to have a picnic, and visited the towns of Floyd, Buchanan, and Fincastle. All are rich in history which we explored via Google before we went and I’ve linked the towns so that you can explore them too

We also had time to venture to Burke’s Gardens God’s thumbprint. We stopped by the New River and road through Pearisburg. We had other plans but our staycation was cut short.

While in Floyd we experienced an old fashioned dance with blue grass while eating at The Floyd Country Store before getting back on the BRP and heading into Roanoke.

By the 3rd day we were tired …really tired. We napped, we enjoyed homemade muffins pre baked by me, and we watched movies. There are some cons as I mentioned above. It’s pretty hard to disconnect when you staycation. From the virtual world and the real world. It’s too convenient to return to work early, answer calls, or browse through messages. People know you are home, or nearby, and it’s hard to overlook chores.

A staycation requires planning just like an away vacation unless you are planning to sleep the entire time. I planned everything from routes and stops to meals and locations.. There were a few things that we didn’t get to do but we plan to do them.

This year we rediscovered our home town and surrounding areas and what a beautiful place this is.

So…I did this thing..

Yes, I did this thing. Finally I have everything in one place. My photography fine art prints, and now….everything I love so you can easily find it. Some are amazon affiliate links (yes I may receive a very small stipend). Some products may take a couple of weeks to arrive, for example my photography has to be printed, but you can now easily find it all here on my blog.

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