Hallmark Holidays

I really dislike Hallmark Holidays. For years we have been conditioned to think that once a year, in celebration of love, we need cards to say the things that we should say everyday, or candy, flowers, or jewelry to show undying love.

It’s not just about the cheesiness of it, but also about the manipulation of it. We are constantly being manipulated into thinking that we need to do, say, or feel a certain way.

Just sit with that awhile. The realization that you are, or have been played for years should be enough to provoke a few palm head slaps. 🤦

You have choices. Sure picking up a card, or flowers is the easy way out, but is it really what your love wants?

Note: As I’m typing this my 8 year old grand daughter entered the room wanting to know if I got her a valentines gift. And so begins a new generation of hallmark holidays 🤦