Loyalty between Business Peers

If you are an entrepreneur, or promote a brand then you network. There isn’t anyway around it because we all depend on word of mouth referrals. In today’s world of social marketing and the increasing demand for visual content it’s even more important to find networking partners who still hold traditional values. I’m talking about loyalty.

Here’s an example; you spend time and money building a following. You network with others. Sale is exchanged. Your product or service for theirs. You are now peers. You are expected to share the brand awesomeness with your people, when asked. You build a mutual relationship. Let’s say you are a photographer and your peer sells a direct sales product. You buy hers, she hires you. Then you notice that she’s promoting another photographer. How do you feel?

Years ago that person would have been frowned on by peers, but in the world of social networking loyalty is the missing link that is taken for granted. Loyality builds partnerships and businesses. Perhaps we should start practising more of that.


When too much is too much.

There are so many options when it comes to connecting. So many! The truth is, we don’t need to be everywhere. Just like in our real time lives you can speed yourself too thin in your virtual presence. So let’s break things down.

For personal use

Let’s say that you just want to reconnect with friends and family. Facebook is your best bet.

If you just want to stay updated with current events, your favorite stars, or local announcements then you may want to consider Twitter.

Instagram is visual. It’s more about sharing visually. You can follow a ton of topics on Instagram and you won’t feel pressured to like a damn thing.

Pinterest is a huge huge huge bookmark.

If you want more specific options I’m sure there’s an app for that. There are apps for dating, headlines, crafts. You name it. The idea is to keep things pleasant, simple, enjoyable.

For marketing

Facebook is not for cold marketing. It’s for connecting. Genuinely connecting.

Twitter is for announcements.

Instagram is for visual content. Building a brand.

Pinterest frowns on cold marketing. You can add your links but within reason. Generally it’s a funnel that leads to somewhere else.

LinkedIn is for business to business connections.

Those are your main ones. If you spread yourself out too much then your quality will suffer so just focus on a couple. There are no magic formulas. I’ve seen follow loops on Instagram, tag threads on Facebook, and shared boards on Pinterest. All of which are fine but useless if you are not genuinely connecting.

Why I don’t “like” your facebook post.

Simply put, it makes me feel cheap, un-authentic, and a fake. I don’t feel connected, and I don’t want to encourage more boring or annoying posts.

Facebook is a social tool. I look for and like posts that are relatable to me. I use to scroll and like without giving it much thought. I auto liked because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Especially in the photography world where likes are expected. Now I scroll and reflect.

When I do find a post that I like, makes me laugh, or resignates with me in another way I’ll just leave a comment.

Now I feel more connected. Try it!